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Holmenkol Products for a high performance protective coating. 
Nano-technology Coatings 
Holmenkol coatings are made from tiny nano particles which bond at a molecular level to the surface of the material they are being applied to. During this process the particles organise themselves to completely cover the surface. This process then continues to form a multi layered coating. 
This layered structure is resistant to abrasion, but if it is damaged another layer underneath continues to protect the surface. 
Meaning? A consistent, long lasting, even coating with incredible durability that is salt, dirt and water repellent, that also gives UV protection and creates an easy to clean surface finish. 
Holmenkol Products offer advanced sail protection and the ultimate performance finish.
Standard Coatings 
Standard protective coatings are made up of large particles which sit randomly on the surface to be protected, leaving exposed areas. 
There is no inter-particle bonding nor bonding to the surface because of size and chemistry. Meaning? The coating is easily damaged and the underlying surface is exposed to the elements causing early degradation. 
advanced sail protection - Holmenkol
Holmenkol SealnGlide System 
Performance Sailcloth Coating 
 Holmenkol SealnGlide System  - Performance Sailcloth Coating
SealnGlide is the ultimate performance finish, based on "nano" technology, for significantly reducing the friction of sail surfaces, resulting in tangible benefits such as: 
Faster sail setting - thanks to reduced friction 
Prevents sail snagging on rigs or fittings 
Increases cloth stability 
Use on bolt ropes for easy hoists 
Increases the sailcloth tear strength 
Resistant to sail washing detergents 
Reduced weight aloft - due to lower water absorption 
Non stick tell-tales - giving a clear advantage in competition 
Used mainly on mainsails, headsails and spinnakers, this unique system offers 'nano' technology creating a slippery, water, dirt repellent and UV resistant surface glaze. 
See the difference 
Holmenkol for sail protection
In the photograph above, the right hand side of the sail is treated with Holmenkol SealnGlide. See how the Holmenkol treated section repels water. The droplets simply roll away even in the wettest conditions. Compared to the wetted out untreated section. What this means in practise is a drier, lighter, cleaner and more efficient sail that is easier to handle. 
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